Lora J Taft
Council Commissioner

Mark Porrett
Muscogee Commissioner
Joe Klein
GHL Commissioner
Kevin Hicks
Saugahatchee Commissioner
Jolene Davis
Yellow Jacket Commissioner


Unit Service - The Plan and the People

Unit service is one of the four important functions of every local council, the others being membership, finance, and program. Youth experience Scouting in units. Generally, the "healthier" the unit, the more wonderful things will happen for youth in Scouting. To help this occur, the Boy Scouts of America provides a program called unit service in which the commissioner is the key figure. The commissioner helps chartered organizations and the leaders of their units achieve the objectives of Scouting. The primary objective is to make good Scouting happen in the lives of youth members.


Recharter 2020

The 2020 recharter information can be found under VOLUNTEER >Membership & Charter Renewal (recharter) page. 










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