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Parents of the Eagle Scout Candidate,

In becoming a Life Scout and now reaching out for the Eagle Scout rank, your Scout has done very well. You certainly have been helpful in this process, but for the Eagle Scout Service Project, your involvement should be minimal. The Scout must do all the planning and leadership. Following are a few Do and Don’t tips for you. Please help the Scout by not being involved any more than permissible. Don’t jeopardize the Scout’s success with misplaced good intentions.

Do: Ask your Scout to completely review the Flight to Eagle Packet before doing anything else. Your Scout should note everything not understood and get advice. You can help here, but be careful of offering advice better given by the Scout’s unit leaders or Eagle Project Coach.

Do: Encourage your Scout to pick a project that meets both their abilities and interests. The Scout will perform much better with a project they really care about. The Scout’s Unit and District must approve the project and SIGN the appropriate space in the workbook before the Scout can begin. If the Scout is not sure of approval, the Scout should ask before beginning to plan.

Do: Provide encouragement and timely reminders, as necessary.

Do: Discuss problems and suggest solutions. Only suggest. Don’t do the work for your Scout!

Don’t: Push your Scout into a project they don’t have a good feeling about. This usually doesn’t work to the Scout’s advantage. It isn’t whether you like it or not. It’s whether the Scout does. Remember, the Scout still must gain the approval of the Scout’s Project Coach.

Don’t: Do any of the planning or the writing. It doesn’t matter that the Scout’s work is not as good as you would do. It matters that it’s the Scout’s best work.

Don’t: Take over the Scout’s project. You can drive, handle power tools (if part of the approved plan), and work under their leadership, but don’t take over any part of it.

Your Scout is about to embark on an adventure they will remember all their life. It should be a positive, uplifting experience within the Scout’s capabilities. With your support and your Scout’s planning and leadership, it will be just that.

If you have any questions regarding your Scout’s project, please call your Scout’s District Advancement Chairperson or Eagle Coach.

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