Wilderness First Aid Training
Wilderness First Aid Training

Wilderness First Aid Training
Last Day To Register
Age Requirement
Birthdate cannot be after 10/7/2008
1237 First Avenue
Columbus, AL 31901, US
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The last date for registration has passed.

Wilderness First Aid
Friday, October 7th – Sunday, October 9th
Camp FGL

Who should take this training? Scouters and senior scouts that conduct wilderness outings OR are planning on attending high adventure treks and/or other events (ex. Jamboree) that require Wilderness First Aid trained participants.
Why should I take this training? While most First Aid certification classes cover what to do while waiting for the arrival of EMS (Emergency Medical Services, i.e. the Fire Department, EMTs and/or paramedics), a Wilderness First Aid class addresses patient needs in those situations or environments where EMS is not available, or may be significantly delayed. This is often the situation we, as scouts, find ourselves in when we are on our outdoor adventures and outings. For this reason, we always need to make sure that we have Wilderness First Aid trained personnel.

Costs: $170 - $230 depending on if the CPR prerequisite class is needed and taken on Friday evening AND whether you are bringing your own food or eating the menu provided. 
Minimum age: 14
Prerequisites: Participants are required to have a current CPR certification (bring proof). If you do not have a CPR certification, we will be offering the course Friday night starting at 6pm EST in the Bradshaw training center. Make sure to choose the $30 CPR add-on as part of your registration for this class. 
Arrival: Participants need to arrive Friday night by 10pm ET. (*If you are taking the CPR prerequisite class you will need to arrive by 5:45pm EST and will likely only be able to unpack your bags after class.) Eat dinner before you arrive. Class starts at 8am EST on Saturday morning.
Departure: Plan to stay through 5pm ET on Sunday.
Meals:  Menu
Breakfast Saturday
•       Biscuits
•       Patty Sausage
•       Scrambled eggs
•       Fruit (Bananas, Apples, Mandarin Oranges)
•       Coffee, milk, orange juice
Lunch Saturday
•       Sandwiches (Bread, Lunch meat [turkey and ham], mayo, mustard)
•       Potato Chips
•       Baked beans
Dinner Saturday
•       Meat Lasagna
•       Rolls
•       Salad w/ ranch or Italian dressing [lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, carrot {maybe}, grated cheese, croutons {maybe})
Breakfast Sunday
•       Cinnamon Rolls
•       Sausage 
•       2 hardboiled eggs
•       Fruit (Bananas, Apples, Mandarin Oranges)
•       Coffee, milk, orange juice
Lunch Sunday
•       Sandwiches (Bread, Lunch meat [turkey and ham], mayo, mustard)
•       Potato Chips
•       Baked beans


Refrigerators and microwaves (in a different building) will be available for your use. 
Dress: Dress for the weather (rain or shine). Use layers as if you were on a backcountry trip. 
What to Bring
•       Current BSA Health and Medical Form—Parts A and B
•       Print this Reference Guide (121 Color pages) and bring it in a 3 ring binder.
•       Scout 10 essential
1.       Water Bottle
2.       Personal First Aid Kit
3.       Pocket Knife/Multi-tool
4.       Raingear
5.       Flashlight/Headlamp
6.       Fire starter
7.       Sun Protection (Hat/Sunscreen)
8.       Compass
9.       Trail Snacks
10.   Whistle
•       Folding chair
•       CPR Mask if you have one (Don’t go out and buy one just for this class. But realize that having one is also a good thing.)
•       Notepad and writing implement to take notes (maybe some highlighters too.)
•       Bedding (Pillows, sheets, blanket/sleeping bag for a twin size mattress)
•       Toiletries and towel
•       Mess kit to eat your food. 
•       Dish soap and scrubby to clean your mess kit.


Additional questions please contact our leadership team
Mark Bransby- mark@magneticmind.org
Austin Scott - kayakchef.bsa@gmail.com 

$170.00 per Participant
Cancellation Policy
A 90% refund will be issued through September 28th. After that no refunds will be provided, but substitutions of participants will be allowed as long as they are fully stepping into the shoes of the original registrant as far as the Course, CPR requirement, and the meal option

George and Jo Jeter Scout Service Center
1237 First Avenue
Columbus, GA 31901
Phone: 706-327-2634


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