Cub Scouts

WEEK 1: Cub Scout Elective Loops

LionGrow   Lion Elective Adventure - Ready, Set, Grow
      Requirement 1:  In place of visiting with an individual who can demonstrate ways to garden, consider one of these family fun garden videos.  

TigerFamily   Tiger Elective Adventure - Family Stories
      Requirements 2 and 5: Here are templates your Scout can use to create a family crest and family tree.

      Requirement 3: Skip the library and search online
WolfGrowSomething    Wolf Elective Adventure - Grow Something
      Requirement 3: Virtual tours of Botanical Gardens

      Requirement 4c: Sweet potato plant 

BearPicnic     Bear Elective Adventure - Bear Picnic Basket
      Requirement 1: DIY Cookbook for Kids
          Handwrite or type out the ingredients needed for each recipe. Online recipes can be added, too. Organize and add all the pages to your notebook.
          Add photos of your completed dish. decorate the cover of your notebook. Hole punch recipes or use sheet protectors.        

                         DIY Cookbook Supplies
                              favorite recipes             3-ring notebook
                              paper / pen                   hole punch or sheet protectors

                     Requirements 3, 4, and 5: For nutritious snacks and help planning a meal, check out MyPlate
                     For more fun ideas visit Scoutermom
WebelosFamily     Webelos Elective Adventure - Project Family
      Requirement 1: Interviews can be on the phone or video chat. 
      Requirement 2a: Here are templates your Scout can use to create a family tree.
      Requirement 6b: Conservation @ HOME

WEEK 2: Cub Scout Elective Loops

Scoutbook - Lion Elective Adventure - Build It Up, Knock It Down   Lion Elective Adventure - Build It Up, Knock It Down
      Requirements 1 & 2: For discussions try a Facebook messenger video chat or Apple facetime with one or two other Lions. Parents must be present. 
      Requirements 3:       or  Check out Scoutermom for more ideas. 

Tiger Adventure Loop - Sky is the Limit| Boy Scouts of America   Tiger Elective Adventure - Sky is the Limit
      Complete Requirements 1-3 and then pick one other from the list.
      Requirement 5 & 6: Constellations -  Supplies: Tooth picks and mini marshmallows, constellation patterns (see Scoutermom link)
      This references an outdated Bear Elective but is great for these two requirements   
      Requirement 8: Virtual tour of planetarium

Wolf Adventure Loop - Germs Alive | Boy Scouts of America    Wolf Elective Adventure - Germs Alive!
      Complete at least five of the requirements. 
      Requirement 3: Sneeze Demonstration  You will need a balloon and confetti. 
      Requirement 4: Mucus demonstration ..... SLIME!  
      Requirement 5: Mold culture You will need bread and zip-top plastic bags. This experiment will take about a week or so to really start working. 
Bear Elective Adventure Loop - Roaring Laughter | Boy Scouts of ...     Bear Elective Adventure - Roaring Laughter
      Complete at least 4 requirements.
          Requirement 1: Make of list of things that make you laugh.
          Requirement 2: Need a few tongue-twisters?
          Requirement 3: Create your own short story. And check out mad libs.  
Requirement 6:What is a run-on? They are very brief intermission in a campfire program,  interruption to the program

The Belt

Person 1:  It’s all around me! It’s all around me!!!

Person 2: What is all around you?

Person 1: My belt!

I’m Nuts

Person 1: They’re after me! They’re after me!!!

Person 2: Who is after you?

Person 1: The squirrels! They think I’m nuts!!!


CS Arrow of Light Adventure Movies | Boy Scouts of America     Webelos Elective Adventure - Movie Making
      Requirement 1: Storyboard is a visual outline for your video. A storyboard will look like a comic strip. (Template below)
      Requirement 2: Animated or live-action movie:
      Requirement 3: Share your movie. 

Supporting video: This video is great for explaining what a storyboard is and how to draw one.
Storyboard template:  



   Lion Elective Adventure - Gizmos and Gadgets
      Requirements 1 & 2: Motion and Force 
      Push and Pull - Talking about Force
      Song (captions are shown 50 seconds in)  -

Requirement 3: Create a useful object with household materials. 

Pully Supplies:  (video time 1:00 minute)
Toilet paper roll
    Flat Lego board
    Lego bricks of different lengths 

Tiger-rrrrific   Tiger Elective Adventure - Tiger-iffic!
      Complete Requirements 1-3* and then one from 4-6
      Requirement 3: Remote Scavenger Hunt - Pre-plan a list with items that Scouts will be able to find around their house. Prompt Scouts to find the items, for example, find an item that is used for an art project (they could come back with a crayon, paper, scissors, etc)
      Requirement 4: Play a video game, share at least three tips with someone else, play a video game with a friend* 

*For games with your den, create a virtual playdate with facebook messenger, zoom, or facetime. Virtual games could be BINGO, scavenger hunt, dictionary with zoom's whiteboard feature, online games like words with friends, Scout trivia turn these into trivia questions that the Scouts to respond to during the virtual meeting.
   Wolf Elective Adventure - Finding Your Way
      Requirements for this elective will require paper, pencil, markers or crayons, a map, and a compass.
      This could be google maps and a compass app on a phone or tablet.
      What are maps?  This is a 30second video showing a legend, compass rose, and distance using the map scale. 
      National Geographic provides grade-specific topics related to map skills
BearSuperScience     Bear Elective Adventure - Super Science
          Complete at least 4 Requirements
          Supplies to complete the experiments include a ballon, fleece blanket, salt and pepper (for static electricity)
          color morphing - milk, plate, food coloring, dishwashing soap, cotton swabs
          color layering - clear cup, honey, corn syrup, dish soap, water (with food coloring) vegetable oil

Static electricity
Color morphing
WebelosEngineering     Webelos Elective Adventure - Engineer
      Complete requirements 1 and 2. Requirements 3 and 4 are optional.
      Requirement 1: Pick one type of engineer*, discover things that describe what that engineer does. Share your findings with your den.
      Requirement 2: From Lego Bricks to popsicle sticks. Be creative.
*There are many kinds of engineers. Here are just a few Engineering Jobs that might help you pick an engineer.

Here are a few ideas for  requirement 2

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