2023 Freeze-O-Ree
2023 Freeze-O-Ree

2023 Freeze-O-Ree
Last Day To Register
Camp Gallant - 2818 Antioch Rd
LaGrange, GA 30240, US
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The last date for registration has passed.

Welcome to the 2023 Annual Freeze-O-Ree!
Gladiator's Challenge 

Camp Gallant will be the place to be, January 27 -29, 2023!
$15 per Attending Scout/Leader/Adult
***Arrow of Light scouts are encouraged to attend on Saturday, January 28th, but MUST register to attend with a BSA Troop***


The Challenges of the Gladiator

Have you ever watched movies or read books based on the gladiator warriors of the ancient Roman Empire?
If so, then you might have a fairly good idea of what is in store for you at the 2023 Yellow Jacket Freeze-O-Ree, Gladiator’s Challenge.
The Gladiator’s Challenge will offer opportunities for competition and perhaps even victory to a chosen few. However, unlike the gladiatorial competitions of ancient Rome, all our gladiators, win or lose, will be able to compete in all the competitions. Therefore, there will be many opportunities for each gladiator or group of gladiators to be victorious throughout the day. 
The competitions will test many different areas, including physical fitness, sportsmanship, Scout skills, teamwork, first aid, creativity, and each gladiator’s determination to succeed.
How about it? Does the Gladiator’s Challenge sound like fun?
Do you have what it takes to face other gladiators in friendly competition?
Do you have the sheer determination and prowess to overcome the Gladiator’s Challenge?
Join us for a fun filled, relaxing weekend. Rain or Shine, Snow or Cold, we could have it all! Come join the fun!!!



For additional questions please contact
Darian Krimm - Freeze-O-Ree Event Chair dariankrimm@gmail.com 
Or Scarlet Guzman - Freeze-O-Ree Advisor scarlet.guzman@scouting.org

Contact E-mail
$15.00 per Arrow of Light Scout
$15.00 per Scout Leader / Adult
$15.00 per Scouts BSA Youth
Cancellation Policy
No refund for participants who cancel after the registration closes on 1/23/23 or do no show up for the event.

George and Jo Jeter Scout Service Center
1237 First Avenue
Columbus, GA 31901
Phone: 706-327-2634


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